Monday, February 10, 2014

Crestone Colorado Retreat

August 8-11, 2013
Highlights and Testimonials
The Sacred Pregnancy Retreat we had at my center Creative Birth Choices recently was an authentic & heart felt journey which one could only pray for once in a lifetime! Surpassing all expectations of my goals for my center here in Colorado, it brought women from around the country here to gather together in the genuine beauty of reflection of the mountains. I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing circle of Sisters through the Sacred Pregnancy Training! All women should re-learn the wisdom & knowledge to honor & hold space for one another in such an amazing time of their lives. Whether still having babies or not, as woman, we are uniquely encoded to remember easily the ancient paths of our ancestors, we can and do through what Anni Daulter brings to our table, through her Sacred Heart of all Hearts, she embodies the wisdom to share with all women how we can gather & remain in the Sisterhood for strength and support! Love you Anni and hope your journey from here and until we meet again is full of Love & Truth. - Zuki Abbott

I started my Sacred Pregnancy journey not knowing how much it would truly open my eyes and enrich my life. I worked so hard to join this movement and came into a room full of happy faces and welcoming arms. We held each other’s space as we did the work through the amazing retreat. I arrived at class daily with an open heart and mind. The retreat in Colorado has truly changed how I look at myself and I have found a group of sisters that understand my path. Sacred Pregnancy is a movement that all women should travel! I am ready to start this movement in Oklahoma City to enrich and empower the women, the way it has done for me. I hope to continue to change the way birth and postpartum care is provided in my community. Until I see all you sisters again may your journey be filled with love and light! - Kandace Beck

I was immediately drawn to the Sacred Pregnancy Movement because of course pregnancy should be regarded as sacred. It's about growing a life in an amazing body, which is a blessing and a miracle. And all women should know they are welcome into this sisterhood, and that journey should be honored! When I arrived at the retreat I was not completely aware of what to expect. I had seen pictures from some of the other retreats across the country, and of course they looked fun and all the women looked so close. I was still apprehensive about opening up and getting so close to a group of women I had never met before. Because let's face it - women can be mean to each other! But that is not at all what I felt when I walked in those doors. Being warmly hugged and genuinely welcomed by these women, was my first impression. And as the days wore on I felt myself naturally open up more and more. The things I learned during this time were definitely eye opening and refreshing. I learned more about myself and my passion for taking care of women during their pregnancy, and feel extremely confident implementing my new knowledge in the care of myself as well. Women need to feel empowered in everyday life, and especially in pregnancy. They need to be reminded to have the confidence to make choices for themselves and their families. I think the way we treat women during this transition from maiden to mother sets the tone for their paths thru motherhood. We should honor this life giving ability and the women carrying and caring for our future. That's what this journey has meant to me. I am blessed to be a part of this movement, a part of this sisterhood. - Crystal Swanson

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